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Can Juicing Really Give Your Eyes X-Ray Vision?

June 30 2023

If you can read this without glasses, thank a juice! Here’s the thing about our eyes. Eyes need very specific things to function properly. And what they need most is a healthy body that is replete with Vitamins A, B and E. Without these in proper cooperation within our systems, eyes degenerate. Most people are…

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Juice Cleanse Diet – A Beginner’s Guide

June 29 2023

Juice Cleanse Diet – A Beginner’s Guide The juice cleanse diet is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. It has become a popular way to detoxify your body, boost energy levels, and improve overall health. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the juice cleanse diet, including its benefits, drawbacks,…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Orange Juice

June 28 2023

Orange juice is always best in the morning time, as it’s refreshing and absolutely delicious. However, there are many benefits from drinking orange juice apart from a better immune system. Oranges contain many benefits including 170 different phytochemicals which are compounds found in plants. These are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which have…

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Juice Cleanse 3 Day: A Healthy and Refreshing Way to Reboot your Life

June 27 2023

Juice Syndicate 3 Day Cleanse – Perfect for beginners Our daily lives have become so fast-paced that we hardly have the time to take care of ourselves. We tend to forget that our body needs particular attention, especially when it comes to healthy eating habits. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of…

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Fresh and Vibrant: Exploring the Delights of Juice Syndicate, Geelong

June 25 2023

Introduction Geelong, a vibrant city nestled on the stunning coast of Australia’s Victoria state, is known not only for its breathtaking views but also for its culinary scene. Among the many offerings this city has to boast, Juice Syndicate, Geelong is a gem that shines brightly among health enthusiasts, juice aficionados, and curious tourists. In…

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Chocolate and Cacao – Which is Best For You?

June 23 2023

Cacao was so valued, it was literally a form of money, and could be used to pay taxes, temple payments, and for their marriage ceremonies. In fact newlyweds would often share a cup of chocolate and exchanging xocolatl beans as part of their vows. Which, of course, raises the question — did this begin the…

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Coffee: Your Friend or Foe?

June 22 2023

There are a lot of new studies coming out about coffee (maybe you’ve noticed): its advantages, its health benefits, and its plethora of antioxidants. It has a romantic bevvy of devotees and just as many nay-sayers that avoid it for its acidity and effects on the nervous system. So who’s right? Is coffee a friend…

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Geelong Juice: The Ultimate Health Boost

May 23 2023

Geelong’s own Juice Syndicate: Sip Your Way to Good Health There is something about a fresh glass of juice that can instantly uplift mood and provide refreshing nourishment to our body. And if you are in Geelong, then you might already be familiar with the buzz around Geelong’s own Juice Syndicate. This local supplier has…

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Johnny’s weight loss journey

September 11 2020

Johnny’s weight loss journey with Bodhi & Co: At the start of the Pandemic back in March, Darren and I were dealt a crushing blow, by not only losing half the Juice Business due to café and restaurant closures but also having my gym (The Elite Training Centre) shut down. Like many, I fell into…

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EATSS Month of Kindness

September 1 2020

Have you heard about EATSS? Founded by Donna Lindsay and Phoebe Wilkens, Eat and They Shall Sleep (EATSS) mix, chop, roll and sell delicious locally made protein balls with all proceeds (yes, absolutely every cent!) donated to purchase bedding, toys and food to children in need living in Thailand. The girls do not make any…

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