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Yearly Archive: 2017


December 5 2017

Activated charcoal? What is it? Can it be deactivated? Activated charcoal is a byproduct of slowly burnt wood, peat or coconut shells treated with oxygen. This results in charcoal that’s highly porous and nonpolar, enabling it to adsorb or bind to toxins and odors from gases or liquids that are up to 1,000 times its…

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November 16 2017

TUMERIC…THE GOLDEN SPICE Turmeric has been around for years but more recently this spice is becoming popular and popping up everywhere, from turmeric tablets to turmeric lattes. Turmeric in its natural state (the root) is a whole-food containing a range of nutrients including; Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, as well as…

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Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong – WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY JUICE?

October 30 2017

Separating Juices Do you ever wonder what is going on with your juice? Why has it separated? What is all that gunk at the bottom of my juice? Not to worry, this is completely normal! See that stuff at the bottom? That’s called sediment, and it is all the good stuff! The pulp is denser than the…

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Ginger… The health ninja! | Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong

October 24 2017

What is this ginger business all about? You may have noticed that a few of our juices have a common ingredient… Ginger! We don’t just throw this stuff in our juices and hope for the best, ginger has so many health benefits that we couldn’t let it go to waste. Oh, and by the way…

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Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong – Christmas gift vouchers

October 19 2017

CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Need an idea for Christmas? Well, Juice Syndicate Geelong has a perfect idea! Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and invest in the health of a loved one? We can arrange gift vouchers for any of our cleanses or diet packs, and with AfterPay we have made…

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Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong – Cayenne Pepper & Lemon

October 19 2017

Cayenne pepper and lemon – What is it and what does it do for me? If you have tasted our lemon based drink Vitalize, you have no doubt experienced the punch to the back of the throat the Cayenne pepper gives you. So what is it and why would we include it in our juice? First…

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Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong – The Power of Beetroot

October 12 2017

The power of beetroot What is in it and why is it good for me? Beets are quite possibly one of the healthiest foods available. They deliver many health benefits which we will list below, but first what is in a beetroot? Beetroot macronutrient break down (per 100g serving) 45 calories 0g of fat 10g…

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Afterpay – Juice Syndicate Geelong

October 5 2017

Geelong’s newest cold press juice company is now offering Afterpay as a payment option. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way and money can be an issue, so we have endeavored to make our product as cost effective as possible! So what is Afterpay? Think of it like a modern version of layby….

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