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About Juice Syndicate juice cleanse, Geelong

Juice Syndicate is a family-operated Geelong business, offering juice cleanses that are packed with nourishing and medicinal superfood ingredients to boost your life and vitality by deeply restoring you and your cells. All of this delivered directly to your door!

Like so many of us, a health scare for a family member prompted the founders of Juice Syndicate to reassess their diet and lifestyle. After committing to a diet of vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies (with some small meals such as salads, fish, stir-fry vegetables) for six months, everyone could see and feel the difference in health and wellbeing. It was such an exciting and eye-opening experience, and one that was completely life changing.

With a new-found passion for healthy living and a desire to make truly fresh raw juices and smoothie cleanses readily available, affordable and convenient to everyone, Juice Syndicate was born!

A deep cleanse equals the ultimate health reboot for your body!

Shop for your cleanse today, or contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We are only to happy to help you with your decision to undertake a Juice Syndicate juice cleanse, and can advise you on the type and length of cleanse that is best for you.

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