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Yearly Archive: 2020

Johnny’s weight loss journey

September 11 2020

Johnny’s weight loss journey with Bodhi & Co: At the start of the Pandemic back in March, Darren and I were dealt a crushing blow, by not only losing half the Juice Business due to café and restaurant closures but also having my gym (The Elite Training Centre) shut down. Like many, I fell into…

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EATSS Month of Kindness

September 1 2020

Have you heard about EATSS? Founded by Donna Lindsay and Phoebe Wilkens, Eat and They Shall Sleep (EATSS) mix, chop, roll and sell delicious locally made protein balls with all proceeds (yes, absolutely every cent!) donated to purchase bedding, toys and food to children in need living in Thailand. The girls do not make any…

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Iso-Issues: “I can’t stop eating”

April 25 2020

The number one thing I am hearing at the moment is, “Why can’t I stop eating”, unfortunately, isolation has given many people a new favourite past time and that is thinking about food ALL. THE. TIME. (Yes, I have also been a victim to this). There is no right or wrong answer as to why…

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