Servicing Geelong, Bellarine,

Torquay, Melbourne & Ballarat

Juice Syndicate FAQs

Where do you deliver to?

Juice Syndicate delivers its juice-cleanse programs all over Geelong and district, the Bellarine Peninsula, Torquay and now Melbourne and Ballarat!

When will my juice be delivered?

Geelong/Surf Coast – All juice cleanses will be delivered on either a Friday or Sunday for the Geelong area, depending on our delivery schedule. Juices will be left at your door in an icebox. If you wish to have your juices delivered to a workplace, or on an alternative schedule, please message us first and we will see if we can accommodate it.

Melbourne – We can deliver most days other than weekends due to our couriers. Friday and Monday deliveries would arrive in the afternoon

Ballarat – We can deliver most days other than weekends due to our couriers. Friday and Monday deliveries would arrive mid morning-afternoon

When do I need to place my order by?

Orders for Zone 1 (Greater Geelong + Surf Coast) and Zone 4 (Ballarat) must be placed by 8am Sunday.

Orders within Zone 2 (Outer Geelong + Bellarine) must be placed by 8am Sunday.

Orders for Zone 3 (Melbourne) can be delivered any weekday. Friday deliveries would need to be in by Thursday night.

If you miss this deadline, please send us an email here and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

What is the shelf life for Juice Syndicate juice blends?

Almond Blitz – 5 days
Daily Grind – 5 days
Green Meanie – 7 days
Elevate – 7 Days
Rejuvenate – 7 Days
Vitalize – 7 Days
Charcoal Lemonade – 7 days

Is doing a juice cleanse difficult?

A juice cleanse of any kind requires commitment. But the Juice Syndicate raw superfood juice cleanse is a nutritional cleanse, not a starvation fast. It has been expertly designed to feed your cells with delicious, low-calorie nutrient-dense meal-replacement drinks in order to create the best conditions for inner cleansing. Nutritional cleanses are functional, supportive programs that can be undertaken on your normal schedule. We can help you determine which kind of cleanse is preferable for you and which one you would be best to order.

Don’t our bodies cleanse naturally?

Yes, we do. Our bodies cleanse, detoxify and heal imbalances all day long. But our modern lifestyles overload these natural built-in corrective processes. Restaurant dining, take-out food, late-night meals and drinks stress our natural cleansing systems. Add to that our consumption of caffeine, alcohol and medications in an environment filled with dirty air, impure water and invisible toxic food additives, and it is clear we are making more demands of our bodies’ detoxification and healing systems than they were designed for or can handle. They may get by day-to-day, but they don’t flourish. Over time, toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances like aches, allergies, poor digestion and weight gain, or even an ongoing sense of fatigue. Let Juice Syndicate explain why we should cleanse, and you will want to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle as soon as possible!

Is juice-cleansing just another health fad?

Men and women have used cleansing and detoxing as a pillar of health for millennia, long before processed foods, environmental impurities and daily mental stress were the norm. The most venerable health practices all promote regular periods of gentle cleansing to ensure longevity, vitality and a happy and harmonious state of mind. Today, juice cleanses are being rediscovered by millions of people who want to energise their bodies, look and feel younger and be more resistant to disease.

Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

Those who have excess weight will lose extra kilos and notice a distinct reduction in bloating and waist size, especially on the four or five-day cleanse, losing on average three to five kilograms. Your cleanse, if completed correctly, will be your secret weapon in beating the food addictions that prevent weight loss and weight maintenance. You will crave healthy foods, not junk. We can even help you with ongoing weight management after you cleanse.

Why can’t I achieve better health with daily diet and exercise?

You can! This is an important long-term strategy to living a happy and healthy life today. But so many people already do this and still feel less than their best. From time to time, all people, no matter what their lifestyles are like, need a total break from processing even healthy foods so that energy can be spent on detoxification and healing. A juice cleanse is a powerful tool you can use to start new healthy habits.

Who should cleanse?

At Juice Syndicate we believe that everyone, from “health and fitness nuts” to “party animals”, is a candidate for cleansing because we are all affected by toxins in the air, water, food and environment. We are all fatigued by stress and the pace of life to some degree.

* Note: Certain people should NOT cleanse:

  • Pregnant women should never cleanse.
  • Breastfeeding mothers can add raw superfood juices and smoothies to a balanced, whole-food diet to enjoy extra nutrition and energy, but should never restrict solid food intake or cleanse with a goal to lose weight.
  • If you are diabetic, we recommend that you cleanse under the supervision of an experienced healthcare practitioner.
  • If you are being treated for, or have just recovered from a serious illness, or if you are taking medication for heart disease or high blood pressure, check with your doctor before beginning a juice cleanse, as cleansing can alter the concentration of medication in the blood.
  • Children under the age of 18 should not cleanse.

How am I going to feel on my cleanse?

Not everyone responds to a juice cleanse in the same way. Most common experiences include heightened energy levels, a feeling of lightness, the shedding of excess weight and a new clarity of mind and emotions. Our raw superfood juices and smoothies are designed to minimise the negative effects that can accompany the removal of accumulated toxins. It’s not uncommon, however, to have slight headaches from caffeine and other stimulant withdrawal or hunger, and to feel a bit irritated.

Finally, the one no one likes to talk about but loads of people have misconceptions about. Will I constantly be in the bathroom?

No. Our raw superfood cleanse program is different than some other companies notorious for causing “urgency”. It is important to have regular bowel movements daily, but they should not be “urgent” and they should not be uncontrolled. We have designed our cleanse drinks to sweep the bowel, which is important for the detoxing process, but we have included natural fibre in sufficient amounts to ensure you will be able to go about your day normally!