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At Juice Syndicate, we have made a product that is a raw super food cleanse, consisting of a daily pack of seven 350ml super food juices and smoothies.

Our cleansing juices and smoothies are not heat treated, not pasteurised and contain no additives. They are simply raw foods made to be consumed the way nature intended, pure and natural. Freshly made and delivered to your door, you are consuming super-fresh “living” juices and smoothies.

We have created a bespoke juice cleanse program that works quickly. By using seasonal, organic ingredients, our juices and smoothies are nutrient rich and have superior purity. With the extraction of fibre from your diet, the body can shorten the amount of time and energy used to digest the food you eat. This enables the body to use the additional energy and nutrients to break down and replenish blood cells and tissues and to remove stores of excess waste from the body.

We have developed a range of cleansing products and programs running from two to five days. We pride ourselves on our health-boosting combinations which support the cleansing and rejuvenation process. You can choose from:

  • Two-day juice cleanse
  • Three-day juice cleanse
  • Four-day juice cleanse
  • Five-day juice cleanse

If you not sure you can do without eating during your cleanse, we have developed the clean-eating cleanse that includes healthy fruit and snacks, from two to six days in duration.

Whether it’s a three-day cleanse, or a five-day cleanse, you can rely on Juice Syndicate to deliver your juice-cleanse program directly to your door.

The Juice Syndicate juice and smoothie cleanse consists of:

Why are our ‘raw’ juices the best on offer?

Beware of juices claiming to be fresh and healthy that have any kind of extended shelf life – that is, do they last more than a few days? The fact is, they will have been heat treated in some way or undergone some other process to make them last longer. Any such preserving process “de-natures” the juices and kills off the living enzymes. As a result, much of the nutrient value is lost due to exposure to light and the extended shelf life of the product. In essence, most are just expensive coloured sugar water, also known as fructose.

Our juices are true cleansing juices, not franchise juice-bar style drinks. You will look and feel amazing at the end of one of our juice cleanse programs!

Food allergies

It is important that if you have any kind of food allergy you carefully read what is included in our juices and smoothies, and understand that they are all produced in the same commercial kitchen using the same equipment. Please do not make a purchase if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above. Our juices and smoothies contain nuts, raw honey, soy products and gluten.

What juice cleanse plans are available?

  • Two-Day Juice Syndicate Cleanse
  • Three-Day Juice Syndicate Cleanse
  • Four-Day Juice Syndicate Cleanse (28 juices)
  • Five-Day Juice Syndicate Cleanse (35 juices)