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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Orange Juice

Posted on June 28 2023

Orange juice is always best in the morning time, as it’s refreshing and absolutely delicious. However, there are many benefits from drinking orange juice apart from a better immune system.

Oranges contain many benefits including 170 different phytochemicals which are compounds found in plants. These are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which have a great impact on the body.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows oranges are packed with vitamin C which aids the immune system. Usually, people tend to eat more vitamin c during the winter time, as this helps protect you from colds and other illnesses.

The only way you can get vitamin C is by eating or drinking it, as the body cannot produce it itself. Just two glasses of fresh orange juice can increase vitamin C levels by 40% which will help your bodies immunity massively.

Fighting Free Radicals

Free Radicals cause damage to our DNA, protein and cells, which basically means they can do a lot of damage to our bodies as well as damaging our immune system. Vitamin C helps stop these free radicals from ever appearing and it can help the absorption of other essential nutrients as well, including calcium and iron.


Believe it or not, oranges contain a decent amount of fibre. 1 orange contains 18% of your daily recommended fibre intake, which can help cholesterol levels and good gut health.

Kidney Stone Prevention

These pesky stones can be a painful annoyance and not something you want to get. The best way to prevent these stones is by hydrating yourself, either with water or fruit juices such as orange juice. Orange juice contains citric acid and citrates, which are believed to help reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Improved Blood Circulation

A good blood circulation is essential to our organs as it nourishes each and every part of our body. Oranges have a high folate count, which is necessary for the creation of DNA and new cell growth. From this, red blood cells will be produced by stimulating blood flow, which if you suffer from cold hands and feet, eating oranges could just fix this problem.

Anti Inflammatory

When your body finds a foreign body, it uses inflammation to protect itself. Unfortunately, this process has a negative effect on the body which can cause severe diseases such as cancer. In general, citrus fruits have anti-inflammatory properties that help calm down any inflammation.

Balanced Blood Pressure

If your having to keep an eye on your blood pressure, then increasing potassium is definitely in your interest. Guess what, oranges contain potassium and help activate small blood vessels to reduce overall blood pressure, along with reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Incorporating oranges into your diet should be easy, as you can make your own orange juice from home by using a citrus juicer or press. These are affordable small juicers that will only take up a fraction of your kitchen. Juicing the oranges yourself is the best way to get vitamin C inside you, but if you’re not a fan of making your own orange juice, try buying cold pressed orange juice. This is more likely to be made fresh and has less artificial ingredients.