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Juice Cleanse Diet Plan

Posted on April 22 2018

Did you know we offer juice cleanses with diet plans?

We understand that a full cleanse isn’t for everyone, especially those with physically demanding jobs! That’s why we work with Donna Lindsay from Bodhi and Co to bring you tailored plans to suit your lifestyle.

We recommend our Custom Diet Plan which is a 7 day pack consisting of 3 juices per day for 7 days (21 total). You can select any juices you like or simply allow us to select what we think is best for you! This option includes a custom diet plan tailored specifically to your needs, along with a body scan which will include the following details, which allows your to completely take the guess work out of your diet!

Body fat %

Muscle mass %

Water retention levels

Resting calorie rate

Muscle activation

So who is Donna Lindsay?


  • Certified in optional nutrition, sports nutrition, and meal and menu planning
  • Bachelor Human Movement
  • Bachelor Exercise Physiology
  • Graduate Diploma Applied Science
  • Master Clinical Rehabilitation

Donna’s approach to nutrition is somewhat different to others, as she teach not to dwell on calorie counting, macro breakdowns or restrictions to food, instead Donna educates her clients on developing healthy and happy relationships with food

Nutrition should be simple, achievable, maintainable and enjoyable. Developing guidelines that suit your day-to-day life, goals and social life.

We are working with Donna on an exciting new project to be announced soon!

Juice Syndicate Cold Pressed Juices is a family-operated Geelong business, offering juice cleanses that are packed with nourishing and medicinal superfood ingredients to boost your life and vitality by deeply restoring you and your cells. All of this delivered directly to your door! In the modern world, we are exposed to thousands of toxins each day. Toxins and contaminants can be found in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. These toxins can provide a real challenge for our body’s built-in detoxification system which wasn’t designed to deal with these man-made contaminants. With a juice cleanse from Juice Syndicate in Geelong, you can boost your intake of phytochemicals and boost your health. Interested in trying a cleanse? Shop now.