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Ginger… The health ninja! | Juice Syndicate Cold Press Geelong

Posted on October 24 2017

What is this ginger business all about?

You may have noticed that a few of our juices have a common ingredient… Ginger! We don’t just throw this stuff in our juices and hope for the best, ginger has so many health benefits that we couldn’t let it go to waste. Oh, and by the way – we’re not sneaking powdered ginger into our juices, we use real ginger so you get ALL the benefits that this wonderful root has to offer! In fact, on average we use about 10kg a week (as per the snap above!).

Ginger has been used for many many years by the Chinese in most of their herbal medicine practices. Ginger can help anything from an upset stomach to dandruff. This little spice is also one of the worlds most evidence-based natural medicines going around with studies upon studies being conducted to discover its benefits.

Upset stomachs are the pits in terms of your health and well-being. It makes it difficult to digest your food, break down food, absorb nutrients and make you feel nauseous. The properties of ginger (carminative and spasmolytic) means it can help the elimination of intestinal gas and relax gastrointestinal muscles. This will prevent bloating and flatulence and help with nausea and motion sickness.

Aside from the stomach, ginger has been found to help with dizziness and migraines caused by vertigo.

Living an active life is great for your health but it can also cause some Muscular pain and even arthritis. Research has indicated ginger can help reduce this pain due to its anti-inflammatory response. A study by the University of Georgia found exercise-induced pain was decreased by 25% when participants included ginger into their daily meal plan.

Other health benefits of ginger include:
– Improved skin
– Improve respiratory function
– Help decrease bacterial infection
– Lower cholesterol
– Helps in indigestion
– Helps heartburn

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